Black Female Lifestyle Bloggers In South Africa…. Are There Any?

Hello Young World! 🙂

Black South African Female Lifestyle Bloggers 

Do They Exist?

Why Blog

I’ve been pondering on this issue quite a lot lately, and frankly, if it turns out to be controversial, honestly I don’t care. I mean, isn’t the purpose of a blog to write down your thoughts and opinions on different issues that you find interest in as well as the usual things you normally talk about?

I think so.


In my spare time while faffing around on the net, I often want to find blogs, written by women, on topics that interest me- and frankly, WOMEN in general. More often, I also search for blogs written by black women, in South Africa, that are similar to what I bring forth in some of my content too. So, pretty much, I’m talking mainly a lifestyle blog (food, life, makeup, travel, etc). I have realized however, that those types of bloggers, female, in South Africa are few and far between. Don’t get me wrong, they are a FEW, but not nearly enough as our Caucasian counterparts.

I fail to think that there are black women out here, in SA that don’t have similar interests to that of mine, that love to travel, that love good food, makeup, or love to discuss current affairs, and then write about it. If there are quite a few, point me to them please?

Blogging voiceBlack female bloggers in this country are often drawn to writing about current affairs, politically motivated articles, and there are also a few artistic inspired blogs, but nothing really that encompasses an everyday, black woman that is interested in all things women love….

I mean, I wonder if I may be wrong, but I’m still struggling to come across blogs that give off that “vibe” (for lack of a better term).

Again, don’t get me wrong… the whole point of blogging is to express yourself, what you like, what YOU want to talk about, but, it is also nice to follow some WOC (women of colour) that have similar interests to you. Am I wrong? I know many women around me that are so talented, and smart and LOVE makeup, and travel a lot, and have great fashion sense, and have wonderful advice to give… I could go on and on.

So I know there isn’t a lack of WOC who can do they blogging thing… or, maybe they dont want to? Hmm.. It’s quite an interesting thought process.

Or maybe, do black women not WANT to blog? For some reason I find this one completely untrue.

So… due to that I have decided to have a few GUEST Bloggers on my blog, until I can get to find bloggers with similar interests to that of mine from South Africa.


Guest Blogger

I have decided to give a few of some inspirational ladies in my life some access to my blog to write a few key segments that can showcase that there is a growing number of black women that do share the same interests, and they may provide more insight to some of these topics, than I do.

These Key Segments will look at:

  • Fashion (Trends)
  • Makeup (product reviews)
  • Inspiration/Motivational
  • Artistry (Photography/ Poetry)
  • Travel

In the next blog I will mention who the guest bloggers and writers will be for the respective blog posts!

Stay Tuned for that…

Until the next one!

Live in Light and Love ❤


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