The Food Cafe!! For the Love of Food: September Edition

The Food Cafe!! September Edition


Hello again!!! You know how it is, once a month I give you a run down of some of the most mouth watering meals I had for that month!

It IS that time again!! Oddly September was a very busy month. No joke. I didn’t really go out much, most of my meals were prepared at home, and honestly, I’m not complaining! ❀

Lets get started shall we?

image 15 image 19

Earlier on in September we did the Kaya FM walk fun day, which I mentioned in my last “kodak moments” blog, but the point of this post is what happened AFTER. We popped into a local restaurant “Mugg N Bean” and had some grub, and drinks.

Typically, since my “varsity” days, the American Iced Coffee, has ALWAYS been a favourite! It brings back nostalgic moments of when I’d pop into the Mugg N Bean after a rough test or assignment day with my friends and we’d indulge in this (so thats obviously what I had)… I was however pleasantly surprised with the two new drinks I tasted!

One was the “Apple Pineapple Ice Freeze Duo” which my friend had, and WOW, if you need a burst of rejuvenation and fresh feel after a long jog, or run, this is the PERFECT drink. Fruity, sweet, and DELICIOUS!

image6As mentioned as well, iced coffee is a favourite of mine, and another place that does a good one is Seattle Coffee Company.

Although not as “creamy” and coffee rich as the Mugg and Bean one, this baby has lots of ice in it, on the lighter side in terms of the richness of the coffee, but still great for on a HOT day when you need something cold and COFFEE to cool you off! Yup, I do still enjoy this.

Good-Food 3

I went home one night , to visit the family… My timing couldn’t have been more perfect! As I walked in, the smell coming from the kitchen was SOOOO enticing! i walked in to find my family cooking and my father sitting at the kitchen bar watching.

My sister, bless her, made one of the TASTIEST dishes I’ve ever tasted!

September 2

As a starter she prepared a dish of parma ham, paw paw cubes with balsamic reduction on a bed of rocket…! Looking at the plate, my heart smiled, just a little bit, and maybe I may have even wanted to shed a tear, LOL. Honestly though, Just the fushion of everything in your mouth, is HEAVENLY!

Try it! Takes less than 5 minutes to make and i GUARANTEE you, you WONT be disappointed! πŸ™‚


September 3As a main, my stepmom, who happens to be a fantastic cook, prepared some steak for us on a bed of cous cous with vegetables: pumpkin, courgette and more… and MAN!!! πŸ™‚ ❀

My heart AND stomach, were REALLY happy that night πŸ™‚

Going home to visit, always provides such memorable moments for me…

Yes, I cook TOO!! LOL….

Even though I hardly like to cook for just myself, when there are people around, visiting, I always prepare a heart warming, stomach smiling meal.

September 1On this night a special person was visiting and I decided to make a quick meal. I did cheat a little though! That pumpkin with the spinach on the inside was bought at the Woolworths Food store, and just needed me to stick it in the oven… lol. I did however, prepare the mash potatoe with basil, asparagus and chicken fillets…

Yes, it went down very well… Left me feeling very happy πŸ™‚

Then there are the nights where it’s just me and I’m super lazy to cook, but I’m never tooΒ lazy to make a good salmon… With veggies also coming from Woolies food, I prepared this salmon dish, and literally wiped it out in under ten minutes! πŸ™‚ Was GOOOOD!

September 4

September 5Went for a breakfast with my father one morning at Vovo Telo (A common place for me and him to meet), I’m sure Ive spoken about this place before in previous blog posts, but I was so happy to get a breakfast with EVERYTHING I like for breakfast on ONE plate (except the tomatoes to be honest. Egg, Avo, Rocket, Bacon… Thank you!


That’s it for this month!!! Until next month, Ciao ciao!!! ❀ πŸ™‚

Live in Light and Love ❀


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