Life Through SNAPS!!! Kodak Moments (5)

Hello hello!!!

I’m back again, after a long leave of absence! I know, it’s been a little crazy, got quite a lot going on, and time just isn’t on my side! Even with that said, blog posts must still go up nevertheless, so lets get into 5th edition of Kodak Snaps!


Not much has happened this month, but I did manage to capture moments that made me smile a little, and as you know, I’m big on sharing! 🙂

Earlier on this month, my family and friend and myself, went on a fun run for #KayaFM, one of our local radio stations… The weather was NOT friendly! It was cold and MISERABLE! LOL but it ended up being one of the best days we’ve had in the longest time, and inspired conversations of making healthy lifestyle choices .. including more runs/walks and good eating (which is a tough one!)

Kaya FM 1 Kaya FM 2

It really was a great day, spent with the best people, with awesome moments, clowning around was also PRETTY standard! 🙂

Geezy The Spaghetti Queen Kgeezy 2 Sultry Spice Princess
Now, we have a princess at home, who brings joy to most of our days. She makes a bad day seem bright, she puts the cherry on top of a good day. She is the one perfect part of our lives that we get to live and see every single day 🙂 … This month however she has been up so SOME mischief… She seems to have the biggest fetish for opening cupboards and pulling out food items…! She’s been spotted a few times now raiding the cupboards, lol, so dad had to get her back and make her a princess crown made of a kitchen washcloth!!! ❤ ❤ Love lives here. Fun times were had!

Kgeezy 3


So I was cleaning out my garage the other day with my uncle and aunt when I came across these throwback photos! My sister (on the left), was actually in my house sleeping on my couch when I discovered this, and we she woke and saw her old photos, I didn’t know whether to laugh at the photo or the look of shock on her face when she saw her younger self!! LOL! On the right is me, those yellow dirty boots, I just cant deal with LOL, but even worse, what was the whole pose with the knuckles?! LOL

oldie 1

Oldie 2

That’s it for now! Til next time 🙂 ❤

Live in Light and Love ❤


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