Body shaming


Hot topic this!!!

A few weeks ago I woke up to quite a few (well, thousands of tweets with the hashtag #bodyshaming … I got to work, and faffing around on my laptop before doing work, (you know, that early morning check your emails, social media, surf the net vibe before ACTUALLY working), I come across a few bodyshaming videos and articles.. so much so that it actually touched a nerve and I felt the need to write something about it.

I put it on the back burner thinking that I want to get my thoughts together before writing another mediocre piece on bodyshaming, I wanted to write something that meant something to me.

I keep seeing these posts on body shaming, and women (because frankly, this speaks MOSTLY to women) bad mouthing each other on how they look.


Bodyshaming 2 Body shaming has long been happening, decades and decades of the same thing happening to mostly women, yet suddenly now it’s created so much talk because now the world is seemingly beginning to recognize the thicker woman and appreciate them, appreciate the thick body. The revolt for the appreciation of thicker women seems to have women of smaller frames crying foul.


Make me understand here… PLEASE! For decades and decades, the “skinny” model was what was projected as “sexy” all over media, adverts, on the runway, beauty was seemingly defined by your weight, in this sense “skinny”. Now that the world is beginning to appreciate thicker women, and revolutionizing the movement that THICK IS SEXY and women are up in arms.

Skinny women are now saying that they cant help being that way, its the way they’ve always been. How about a thick woman? They would probably have the same response wouldn’t they?

Bodyshaming 3Why? Women claim to stand together in issues surrounding issues of women abuse, rape, domestic violence… yet seem to shame one another when it comes to appreciation of bodies of all shapes and sizes.. WHY? Make me understand how women shame one another when it comes to body size…

Again, why has society (media) told us what is defined as beautiful and WHY have we accepted that…? Young girls don’t eat because they want to be like the models on the runways… Yes, those models are beautiful in their own right, but is that the only form of beauty?

Bodyshaming 4

Growing up, I wasn’t skinny… I have no recollection of that! LOL

The thing is from a young age, if you are a little on the chubby side, people start making all sorts of comments to you, young as you are, and have no idea on the impact that it has on a young impressionable mind.

You grow up with aunties and uncles calling you “chubby cheeks”, or asking what it is that you’re eating, or to take it easy on the take aways… Now tell me, I doubt whatsoever that skinny young girls can relate to these comments.

The difference is, it forms a seed in the mind of a young chubby girl that her body isn’t good enough. She isn’t beautiful, she just needs to lose weight and only THEN will she be beautiful… again WHY??

bodyshaming 5

Until we stop body shaming one another and start appreciating that diversity is beautiful, that variety is beautiful, that DIFFERENT is beautiful, nothing will change.. Issues like this will be topcis that fall in and out of the media spotlight over the years.


Whatever happened to speaking positively about your body, appreciating those thighs and love handles? What is wrong with looking in the mirror, seeing curves or skinny and loving what you see…

Please NOTE- I’m in no way saying that being overly obese that your health is now at risk is ok… Also that being too skinny, anorexic is ok. NO.

If you can still live a good quality of life, without your size detrimentally impacting your quality of life, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t be appreciating what God has given you…

Bodyshaming 6Learning to accept who you are, how you look, and not only accept that, but LOVE that about yourself is the biggest form of self love you can reward yourself with.

One of my favourite musical artists Akua Naru always says that

“Self Love is the Very First Romance”

She isn’t lying. Once you learn to love yourself, you automatically switch into a place in your head where it doesn’t MATTER what people say about you or your body, because you love it JUST THE WAY IT IS.

It has nothing to do with ANYONE what you eat and how many times you eat. What should matter to you is keeping your health in check and not letting food or lack of it affect the quality of your life.

Take care of yourself, and while you do that, take the long journey of learning to love yourself. If you read this post and you struggle with issues of how you look…

Goodluck, I’m wishing all the best for you. ❤ ❤ ❤

Live in Light and Love ❤


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