Does it matter what THEY think?

Does It Matter what THEY think???

Good Or Bad

I mean, lets talk about this…


We live in a society where what people think of us seems to be so “important”, to some… if not MOST. We seem to get a kick of validation when people comment on an Instagram post, or Facebook post… whatever it may be. Like, for some reason or other, someone “liking” your picture is a need, if not some sort of warped craving.

It happens to the best of us… sometimes you GENUINELY love the selfie you just took, because your makeup looks great, or your outfit is on point… but society now dictates that now that I’ve taken this image, let me put it up online and see how many people like it. It almost becomes like some sort of “dependency” on social media to give you that “small” shred of ‘happiness” (as I think of addiction here).


Sadly, along with good comments on how great you look or how lovely that dress is on you, sadly there will come the negative, offhand remarks that aren’t so nice to hear, but will be said anyway. If you open up the world to YOUR world in that manner, you also open up yourself to be criticized and judged.

FAIR? No??

How you REACT becomes the most important thing here.


This, becomes what separates the strong from the weak.

The truth is, not many people can give a “don’t care” attitude to negative comments that are made about them.


Flip the coin…

The OTHER truth is…

People will talk

That’s the thing. You will never be perfect to anyone. In fact, you may appear to be so perfect, that someone SOMEWHERE will find imperfection in your “perfection”. Your eyes may be too small, your teeth crooked, your left pinky toe usually long (lol). Sadly its what people do.

But we all know, nobody is perfect right?

The fact remains, you cannot let what OTHER people think of you fundamentally change who YOU are.

Why would you want to?

What gives them that power? 

The only person that should have the power to change how you feel about yourself, is YOU. No one else. Not your brother, sister, friend, lover, or parent.

Truth is, PEOPLE WILL TALK. It is what we do (yes, you know you do it too, lol, I’m not judging you!). People will always have something to say. Whether it be about your body, your face, YOUR NOSE, your teeth, your car, your boyfriend…


Only one attitude to adopt. Do not CARE. It may sound a little cliche, but its honestly true, and it works well.

You are you, because that is your uniqueness shining through. Why would you want to dim your shine, diminish your light?

Do one thing: IGNORE THEM.


This is YOUR life. Live it the way you want. The only way YOU know how.

Til the next one….

Live in Light and Love ❤


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