The Food Cafe!! For the Love of Food: August Edition

The Food Cafe!!!! August Edition

food 1

I know… I am so behind in my monthly posts and such, and its purely been due to the blog revamp and switching from one domain to the next that’s gotten be behinf on all my blog posts… 😦

Truthfully in the month of August, there weren’t that many times where I decided to treat myself to a good meal out, or good somewhere with friends to experience something new… BUT there are a few snaps that I took that i can share with you for the sake of all the food lovers!

Good-Food 2

“Good food ends with good talk…”

– Geoffrey Neighor

Craft Restaurant- Parkhurst

Image 7

So, thanks to my wonderful sister, I was introduced to Craft Restaurant on our side of the world, and I must say, I was impressed with the food. One night in August (honestly don’t remember when, lol), my sister, my good friend and myself went to Craft for dinner and drinks. Love, love, love the “neighbourhood” feel that this restaurant provides but i must say, the food is really a TREAT. I decided to go for the Seafood Paella, attempting to test the restaurant, because there aren’t that many places that can do a really GREAT unforgettable Paella…

This place completely shut me up! It was honestly one of the best i had tasted… I returned twice after that for the SAME dish once again… hehe.

Image 9

Of course after dinner I always go for a hot beverage, and decided to have Rooibos tea (a South African tea mind you! Proud moment!) with lemon slices and honey… When the tea arrived I had to take a snap at how good it looked! 🙂

Image 12

On another occasion, my younger sisters birthday… (My other sister! lol), we decided to go BACK to Craft for a quick lunch where we went NUTS for this “hotdog” a very fancy one at that, on Ciabatta bread with cheese and baconn…..

Arrrrrgggg it was…… OMG!!!

On the same day, because it was her birthday, we got a free slice of cheese cake with caramel melt… my goodness… I was blown away, even only when I had about 3 spoons!

image 21

Everything in moderation people!!! LOL 🙂

I have an app on my fone, called “Zomato” that shows you different places to eat about the area you are at currently, or around your neighbourhood. The places are rated out of 5, and its a choice between breakfast,lunch,cafe,fining dining places and more…. People who visit these places can take pictures of their food and upload it onto zomato and rate it out of 5, along with the customer service of the place.

Through Zomato, we found ‘Billi Bi”

Billi Bi

image 20

This place was rated a whopping 4.3, so we really wanted to know what the hype was about!!! Man, were we IMPRESSED!!! I had the Seafood Pasta, and I can safely say its the best seafood pasta I’ve ever tasted (very bold statement to make I KNOW!!! LOL) It was creamy, delicious and filled with seafood goodness! they were QUITE generous!!! A HIT with me!

Image 13

Now for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of this dish!!! But it was delicious! It was on the specials menu so it wasn’t part of their everyday menu.. All i remember is the delicious-ness of grilled Halloumi cheese with beef strips, some amazing sauce on a pita like bread! It blew us away! LOL 🙂

That’s it for this edition of The food cafe… not much but a delicious trip down memory lane with these meals!

Til next time…

“Laughter is brightest where food is best!”

Live in Light and Love ❤


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