Back to Beauty: The Beauty Basics!! (4)

Back To Beauty: The Beauty Basics!! (4)

Makeup 1


So I know this one is approximately a week long, but it is here nevertheless!! This one is for the ladies 😉

As you know, monthly I have a beauty basics of some of the beauty products I’ve been trying out or discovered! This month is NO different, yes the post is a little late, but its HERE now! So let’s!!!

We all love to look and feel pretty, and makeup offers you the opportunity and chance to enhance what you have already been blessed with.Makeup 2

First thing is first… standard makeup rule should be…

“It should be a CRIME, not to prime!!”

A while ago I bought a product that I only used once or twice, as a primer before applying my makeup, and then put it back in my drawer and never touched it since. About a month ago, I yanked it out again and thought I should give it another go..

IMG_0834Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base

This stuff is GREAT as a primer. Think about the amount of products you use on your face before putting on makeup. This product happens to be like a “2 in 1” if you will. Its a moisturizer and a primer, all at the same time. It works well at moisturizing your face, without leaving your face too shiny, and also acts as the perfect canvas to apply your makeup.

Cancelling out having to use a different moisturizer or primer! It’s great and has a really citrus like, lemony scent to it… If you’re a fan of citrus scents, you’d LOVE this product! It lasts a really long time, a little goes a LONG way with this product. YUP!!!

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation & Clarins Everlasting Foundation


Now these two products came a complete surprise at how pleased I was with them!!!

I always had the Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in my drawer for about two years, but NEVER used it, because the LIQUID foundation from Mac Studio Fix collection always broke me out, so I figured the powder would do the same thing! When winter came around, I got lazy to do the whole liquid foundation and then powder process, and I wanted to do just one thing that could take me 5 mins and I was out the door.

So I gave the Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation a try… My shade is NC50.

Man was a BLOWN away when I looked in the mirror after the first try! 🙂 Since then its what I have been wearing ALL throughout winter. (NO LIQUID foundation!!! 🙂 )…It gives GREAT “buildable” coverage, where you can have a super light coverage, or really HEAVY coverage to conceal marks and blemishes. Its not too ‘powdery’ with little to no product fall out. Was very impressed as it works well on oily skin, and dry skin too (as my sister uses it and it works well for her too, even with her dry skin) provided you have primed your face too!


The Clarins Everlasting Liquid Foundation was a complete newbie for me. I wanted to try out another liquid foundation and give my Bobbi Brown foundation a break a little… So I tried this one out in the store, then bought it and took it home and have been impressed since! My shade is 117 Hazelnut, and its a perfect PERFECT match to my skin tone! The coverage is great on the skin and doesn’t leave the skin feeling super dry.. The feel that it leaves on the skin is great, and wears evenly throughout the day!

If you  looking for a new foundation, I suggest you give this one a try!


So this month I’ve been loving the products pictured above… Haven’t put them down I’m so addicted…

Listing them all out from the top left is:

  • The Body Shop Brush on Radiance– This product is GREAT if you want to bring a little radiance and “shine” to your face to give it a “sun kissed glow” if you will…. You can use it for all over the face, but I prefer to just apply it on the apples of my cheeks, as a sort of “highlighter” and I’ve been impressed with it ever since.
  • MAC Mineralize Blush in “Lovejoy”– I remember the first time I used this blush, I went shopping that day and while in one of the clothing stores, a lady that worked there came up to be and asked what blush I have on because it looks so “natural and skinlike”. Now, I don’t know about “skinlike”, but it gives a light glow and applies lightly on the cheeks to give a “flushed” look but not too over the top. LOVE it!
  • Stila “Eyes Are the Window” Eye Palette in “Mind”– Now I typically don’t like to go crazy on eye shadow but when I’m going out I love to apply some to draw attention to my eyes, this palette has warm and neutral colours that you can apply on a daily basis. Very pigmented, and blend-able once applied.
  • Catrice Highlighter Pen– Now this product I was inquisitive about and really just purchased on a whim. However, I was impressed with how easily it sets a highlight so well. Impressed!!

Of course I never complete a Beauty Basics post without speaking about SkinCare


Pictured above is some of the skincare that has fundamentally changed my skin over the last few weeks! Now, I always say that it is important to maintain and take care of your skin, ESPECIALLY if you use makeup. The adverse effects of makeup on skin are scary…lol, I mean that!!!

Recently, I had a rude awakening by my ‘not-so-sweet’ friend called “age”. I started to realise that the skin around my eyes was starting to darken, and the fear was so real that I was out looking for some eye products. Kiehls is no stranger to me, as I love their Midnight Recovery Concentrate, but I went there in search of something that could help with the dark marks and dry skin around my eyes. I found two products that I now refer to as HOLY GRAIL stuff!!! Lol

  • Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment– This product I use every morning to moisturize the skin around my eyes and is GREAT for hydrating the area without migrating into the eye and stinging. LOVE IT!
  • Kiehls Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate– This stuff I cannot stop RAVING about to anyone who is willing to listen!!! 🙂 Within a week of having used it I started noticing a change in the dark marks around my and brightens the area around the eyes. I do however don’t think it does much for me regarding the reducing of the fine lines though.
  • Clinique Custom Repair Serum– This was a complete No no for me… Fortunately I got it as a sample so I didn’t fork out any money for it, but it was a fail for me.More than anything it irritated my skin and made it quite dry. After 3 days of using it, i stopped.

Spring Scents!!!!!!

So, I haven’t really spoken about my love for perfume, but anyone who knows me, knows that I go crazy over the stuff.. Now that we are moving into spring, I have decided to put my heavier, musky scents away and bring out more playful ones!! 🙂 I cannot explain perfume scents, so i will just add the online description of each perfume to give you an idea… 😉


  • Aerin “Lilac Path” Lilac Path captures the spirit of Spring and makes it last.” Aerin Lilac Path weaves a delicate story of crisp greens, rich blooms and delicate petals.Evocative Lilac infuses the scent with inviting depth, heightened by lush fragrant Galbanum.”
  • The Body Shop’s “Red Musk” Eau De Parfum– This is a scent i mostly gravitated to in Winter and I thought i should also insert it into the picture. A sexy and musky scent. It doesn’t last too long on the skin, which is unfortunate, but given the price tag, its understandable. Very musky, with touches of Sandalwood.

And…. THAT’S it!!!!

What a mouthful! until the next one!

Live in Light and Love ❤


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