How to Deal with Negativity / Negative People

I’ve been missing a few of my Sunday motivational posts, but felt that this was a necessary topic to write on and address…


In today’s times we are often confronted with negativity in different ways. It can come to us in the form negative people, negativity in the workplace, negativity in the home….

Often it takes it toll, because dealing with the huge burden that is constantly hanging over your head is enough to make you want to rip your hair out, or drive you into a deep depression. Negativity is never healthy in any shape or form, and once your defenses are weak, it becomes difficult to continue about day to day life productively.

Negativity 1

David Lynch says it. If you are constantly negative, how does that open your mind to thinking creatively? That becomes an enemy of productivity.

So in some way or other, finding a way to deal with negativity, is a way of helping to free yourself from the burdens that come with it.

The biggest one here is often negative people. More often than not, negative people form a parasitic relationship with all the people they encounter…

Think about it.

Always complaining, always whining about something or other that is going on in THEIR lives, as if you do not have problems of your own! I mean, really? Seriously?

Therein, once spotting that behaviour, you need to know how to deal with it.

Negativity 2


  • Weed out the Negative people. You identify which people in your life are constantly negative, constantly complaining…

  • Mark Territory. You need to TELL yourself that you will not tolerate being around negative people. Their negativity rubs off on you and drives its way into you, affecting your attitude, positive energy and productivity.  If you must communicate with that person, make sure that any conversations with them and short and sweet.

Negativity 3

  • Choose what you will deal with and what you wont tolerate. If someone negative chooses to be confrontational, rather let it go and do not respond, because they are negative, any form of response from you will be seen as aggressive and argumentative.
  • Surround yourself with positive and like minded people. The company that you keep says a lot about you, and can help you grow into a positive and productive person. Surround yourself with people who feed your mind positively, and give off good energy that helps you think broader, and enriches you as a person.
  • Try to keep positive, work on it. If you work on YOU, being positive and seeing the good in things, or the lesson and bad things, this helps enrich you as a person, but also makes you happier and is extremely important for your well being. Work on this, keep it alive and kicking! This creates are better, healthier you…

Good Energy

Someone might need the good energy you emit… ❤

Give it a try.

Live in Light and Love ❤


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