Life Through SNAPS! Kodak Moments!! (4)

Yes, I know…

I have been gone for a WHILE!! What, two weeks? As I write this post however, I’m writing it from a new domain, a new “home” if you will! I have recently switched homes for my blog, from Blogspot, to WordPress, and given my blog the biggest REVAMP! 🙂 Cant complain, I love the way it looks!

Now that, that’s done! Regular programming can continue! So lets have a look at what’s happened in the last week or two, or three… LOL

Frankly, not much has happened this past few weeks expect one BIG event in the family. A birthday party for our little princess in the family (my little sister) who has just turned 1! It was a day night to remember!

Earlier that week, this happened…

On her birthday, we took the little princess out for a day at the Zoo, I must say, seeing the first group of animals was a little bit of a fright, but she slowly got the hang of it! It was a little big of a nostalgic moment for me too as i hadn’t been to the zoo in YEARS, reminded me a little of my childhood…

KG Zoo 2KG Zoo

KG Craft

From there, lunch happened… It was a bit of a challenge with the juice, bit truthfully, FUN TIMES were had on that day!!!

The Saturday of the 22nd of August was PARTY DAY!!!

We had to throw a big shin dig for her 1st birthday, I mean, its a “TRADITION!”

Many people turned out to enjoy the day while celebrating with the little one. It really was a night to remember! Here’s a couple of SNAPS to give a snippet of what it was like!

IMG_0496 IMG_0505

I cant say how important preparation is when planning a big birthday party… The layout and set up was great… Of course, the little princess, the lady of the moment fell asleep before guests even arrived, lol, but she did EVENTUALLY “join the party”!

IMG_0509 IMG_0510

IMG_0570 IMG_0572


Great moments indeed ❤ Family, Love, Friends…

IMG_0626 IMG_0756

That’s it for this one! Until the next installment…

Live in Light and Love ❤


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