My Life Through Snaps! Kodak Moments!!(3)

It’s been a week! I know, the longest time… but what can i say… life took over a little bit. 
Busy with the process of preparing a special day that’s coming up, that I will be blogging about SOON SOON…!!! 

Hello Hi! 

Lets see what I’ve been getting up to in the last week or two…. 

 August 8th 

Last weekend was a great one spent with my sister and one of my good friends who happens to also be my sister in law… hehehehe 🙂 

It was a great weekend with beautiful looking (and tasting) drinks, food and epic conversations… Beautiful moments with a few of the loves of my life 🙂 

The day was spent with Busi, my friend (In the picture below) shopping for party decorations and just doing some retail therapy! What woman would complain though!!! The best time was had 🙂

We returned home to freshen up and then meet up with my sister (in the picture above in the sunglasses), for a GREAT dinner with drinks at one of our favourite spots in Jozi town…

A street full of some of the best restaurants for different types of meals… This was a good day… 

My sister and I had some Paella, while Busi had a burger and wedges… We WEREN’T disappointed 🙂

The love for cheese with grapes and strawberries has seemingly become an addiction for me over the last few weeks. I seem to have replaced junk food (snacks), and chosen to snack on Camembert cheese, some grapes and strawberries…

I’m not complaining!!!! 🙂

The fusion that happens in your mouth is RIDICULOUS when munching on these. 

 August 16th 

We took a short drive out for a quick lunch, even though the purpose of that day was an afternoon of Spa treatments for me and my family members… 

What a beautiful day… At one of the most serene places I have been to:

Mount Grace Country House and Spa

A wonderful afternoon spent with family, and getting some well deserved rest, along with a relaxed light lunch and some VINYO… (wine). ❤ 


Not much has happened…, but theres still so much more coming!!! 
Til the next one! 

Live in Light and Love ❤ 


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