The Food Cafe!!! For The Love of Food: July Edition

The Food Cafe!!! July Edition 

So, I know, I skipped the whole of June and July, and I’m only writing this now but frankly, I didn’t have that much to write about in June, and thought I should just skip ahead to this month, and yes I ran a few days late…. My apologies!!! #hides 

So I have a few snaps that I took in June and July of some of places I went to and had great food 🙂
I guess getting started is what we should do!!! 🙂
Always a disclaimer: If you do not love food, or enjoy it! Turn away NOW!!! LOL…

It looks simple right? 
Thats exactly because it is! Lol, I’m always posting pics of when I go out to eat, but I also enjoy the food I have sitting in my fridge! 

Fruits are one of them! 
This was just a selection of winter fruits with my favourite secret indulgence from Woolies, their double cream yoghurt!!!! That thing is SO good that it honestly cant be healthy for me… LOL, even yoghurt can be unhealthy (i mean, cream right??? LOL).

So, yes I do ACTUALLY prepare food at home, lol!!!
On this night a few weeks ago I prepared some Tortillas at home. 
First trial period I was alone, and the next time my aunt and my sister came over and i prepared it for them! 


The Tortillas where some fried chicken strips, with guacamole, tomatoes, cucumbers, 
lettuce, mozzarella cheese, and a touch of homemade chutney…

Smash hit and they were so delicious! 

Honestly, after these, I gave myself a SERIOUS pat on the back!

 At some point during the month of June, my older brother, me and my sister  decided to pop out for lunch on a Sunday afternoon…

We went to one of my favourite spots in JOZI… A great Burger joint which serves some of the best burgers I’ve tasted!!!!

The restaurant is split into two sections, the ground floor, and upstairs on the deck area, which is GREAT on a warm Sunday afternoon 🙂 


This was sooooo good! I think I want to go back! 

I had a bacon and avo burger- (I mean, obviously, i love avo!)

My brother had the “Big Bad Wolf” burger and man was it HUGE! on the left hand side of the pic… looked good though…

Can’t remember what my sister had, but we enjoyed it THOROUGHLY! 

My family has a really bad habit! 
Every time we go out dining for lunch or dinner, we always finish off with a cheese board selection with dried biltong or fruits…

The pic on the last was us on fathers day, where we indulged in a great cheese platter with some Biltong and crackers… 
Dad had that with some Cognac, while the rest of the family settled for Tea. 🙂

This is where we spent our Father’s Day afternoon. 

Valley Lodge and Spa

Beautiful place….

I had to include these…!!!

Kir Royal from 

Grand Central Cafe

❤ ❤ 

So at some point during these two months, one of my best buddies and I tried our knack at baking scones While cooking Sunday lunch… So cooking and baking happened! Concurrently! LOL
LOL, on a Sunday afternoon, we just decided to go for it, and to our surprise, it came out SO well and they were SO delicious!!! 

We were so impressed!!

For the first time, they turned out QUITE well!!!! hahahahaha!!!

Of course at the same time that was happening, so did cooking Sunday lunch..!!!

We had a FEAST that day! 
With a great lunch, and later indulged with some tea and scones while we sat watching TV and gossiping away as girls do!!!

Busi, my soldier and lifetime lover and friend!!! ❤ 🙂

That’s it Folks!!! 
Til next time on the Food Cafe! Ciao! 

Live in Light and Love ❤ 


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