Knowing When To Walk Away…. or Try Harder.

“Should I go, should I Stay?”

Ever found yourself asking this question? 
Not being sure, caught up, stuck in the middle? 

This question often arises when you are at a place of confusion, a crossroads of uncertainty, fear, apprehension and sometimes sadness yes? 

It can be over anything really…

  • A toxic friendship
  • A relationship that is no longer serving you
  • A job that is draining, weighing you down
  • A challenge/obstacle

Being behind the choice of walking away of deciding to try harder ultimately means:

Do we free ourselves or do we suffer?

Not only is this decision a spiritual one, but logic and your mind plays a big role here…

Your MIND says:

“Let me go”, or “let me stay…”

Your SPIRIT says:

Am I ready for the outcome resulting in the decision I have made? 
Am I ready for the sadness/loneliness/fear/anxiety/uneasiness?
Will I be able to deal with it. 

Far too often we listen to the loud voice and we act on a whim, without quietening our spirit first and listening to it. 

Here’s how I think you will know what decision to make…

Listen, to what your spirit is saying. Nothing great has ever come out of making quick, rash and rushed decisions. 

Think about if you are ready to let go…
If you are willing to work harder…

How will it impact on you emotionally/physically/mentally?

Will you be able to get through it and emerge on the other side?

Often in Love related scenarios uncertainty always comes up top:

If you feel a sense of freedom at the thought of letting go, then do it. If there is an entrapment and sadness, pain in staying, then why are you?

In a nutshell- make sure its a decision you are comfortable with and that you wont regret.
Either way, let it be a thought out one, and well informed one too. 

Live in Light and Love ❤ 


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