My Life Through SNAPS"- Kodak Moments!


Hello again!!! 

So I have decided to introduce a little segment that I will add to the blog every now and again about some of the pictures I have taken throughout the month, just so that I give a little bit of an indication of what i get up to. 

This will be a monthly segment of the “SNAPS’ where I will be showcasing some snaps I managed to take over the last month… 

 I had the wonderful opportunity of spending a lot of time with my two beautiful sisters this month… In fact I went home to visit the family quite often, and I marvel at these two…. They grow so fast, and the joy they give me is uncontested. 

Its always such a beautiful time with family ❤ 


I’ve had this little wooden plank in  my home always puts a smile on my face everytime I look at it… No matter what the storm, no matter how heavy the rain, the best is still yet to come. In more ways than one. Reminds me to always keep my head up, God is still working. ❤ 

 My father seems to pride himself in the kitchen as to what a great “chef” he is! LOL, whatever that may mean…

He DOES however make GREAT soup… 
I popped in to visit the family again on a cold friday evening and found him making some soup! 

Needless to say, it TASTED great. 
He doesn’t cook much, he is an African man after all, but apart from the soup and eggs, he’s hopeless in the kitchen. LOL. 

He tries! 🙂
His soup though, UNBELIEVABLE..!!!

Finished result!!!!!!———–>

Of course with good moments there are bad ones too. 
I did have to go into surgery in the month of June, just a few weeks after my birthday. It was a sad moment, but even in these times, you take note of who cares. 

My family was extremely supportive during this time, more especially my sister and my cousin. I have never seen her so scared yet so strong at the same time… 

I learnt a lot from her in those moments. That no matter how much we may fight, SHE HAS MY BACK. ALWAYS. ❤ Lovebug. 


After that ordeal, I had to slowly get back into the rhythm of things again. I didnt really want to, but I did anyway. Maybe thats why you may have noticed my blog posts have been few and far between. (I’m back now though!!!)
I’ve been loving making fruit infused water, as I honestly HATE drinking water, but this has made the process so much more bearable.  My favourite being strawberries, cucumber and mint!!! Hmmmmm! Its SOOOO good! 


The best time however, in the last month was spending time with our father on Father’s day. This was a good day to be with family, and after giving him his gifts in the morning, we all took a drive out and had a great, long lunch in the sun celebrating one of the most important men in our lives. ❤ 
This was a GOOD day…. ❤ 


Hope you liked this one…

Live in Light and Love ❤


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