Reflection Sundays… Challenges of Life- Mistakes

Hello friends! 
Long time indeed…

As I sit about to type this post, I realise how often we go through so many challenges on a daily basis.  However, given the strength that we possess, we “deal” with them without even thinking twice about the effect on impact it has on us. 

I mean, for sure, this is commendable, but also a great reminder of the strength that we possess. 

As cliche as this may sound, but…
getting up everyday already makes you a winner. You have already  defeated half your challenges for that particular day. 

The truth is, 
we DON’T have to get up. 
We don’t have to keep striving to achieve our dreams everyday. 
We don’t have to work hard, or go to school…

Give yourself some credit! You are PRETTY impressive! Pretty strong! 

You should commend yourself for even managing the way you do, because frankly…

…the game of life  isn’t so easy! 

Overcoming these challenges, whatever they may be, is what makes life so enriching,
its what makes things that much more meaningful. 

Challenges teach you to savour the good moments, cherish the GREAT moments and respect and appreciate the bad ones. 
Because with the bad moments come great ones too. 

Learning to appreciate them both. 

You should too 😉

Til the next one…

Live in Light and Love ❤ 


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