Taking Things For Granted…

Hello Everyone! 

Last week, I got hit with some bad news about a big step that I have to take in my life, and it started making me think, over the last few days, at how much we actually take for granted. 

I read somewhere that “humans have this infinite ability to take things for granted“, and couldn’t help but think of how true this really is.

Often, we get to the stages in life, we were get “comfortable” with where we are, what we have in life, that we don’t feel the need to keep putting in the effort to ensure that the good parts of our lives remain just that way, GOOD. 

We forget that…

As “dramatic” as this saying may be, “things taken for granted, get taken“, it is actually quite true when you think about it. 

In all spheres of life. 

Work can be taken for granted. Think about how comfortable people get in their jobs, that the lose the spark to be innovative, come up with ideas, bring freshness to their work. Yet, in the blink of an eye, that job can be taken from you. Retrenchment or being let go. 

Home can be taken for granted. You can live this lavish life, where you have the most beautiful home, but even that can be taken from you. The ripple effect that life can sometimes be so cruel with,  you could lose your job, in turn not be able to pay your bills, and thus lose your lavish lifestyle. 

People are the worst to take for granted. 
Lets face it. 
“No man is an island”.

We cannot live without people. Family, friends. These people bring meaning to our lives. We have a sense of purpose when we know what or who we are living for. Parents live for their children. Friends live for their friendships. 

We all love to feel wanted, and needed. Often, this is reciprocated. Yet we FORGET , being human entitles us to making mistakes. 

We make mistakes yes. But continuing to make them, in turn hurting the ones we love- this puts us in a very dangerous position where we can lose them. 

 Even the strongest people get tired of being taken advantage of, used, abused, misunderstood.

The sad part is, people don’t realise that repeating the same mistake over and over again, no longer MAKES IT A MISTAKE…

Love someone enough to realise that they deserve the best of you, from you. 

This matters greatly to the people you care about. The least you can do is respect them and their wishes. 

In this way, you ensure that they remain in your life, the way you want them to. 

take time today, to remember how blessed you are with what you have, and the people you have around you. 
Appreciate that. 
Appreciate them. 
Show them. 

Til next time,

Live in Light and Love ❤ 


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