Back to Beauty: The Beauty Basics! (2)

Hello Ladies! 

Back with the second installment of Back to Beauty… and this month, I have some really great products to share and discuss this month 🙂 

So lets see…. 


I am not the girl that wears makeup everyday, but when I do, I go all out, well, MOST days. 
My sister, honestly, REALLY got me into make, I’m truthfully more into skincare than anything else. While she is a MAC cosmetics girl, I’m more of a Bobbi Brown girl. 

Man, do I LOVE Bobbi Brown products! 
This month there have been 3 that I just couldn’t put down!!
(Click on the words to go to the website).

1. Bobbi Brown Skin Finish Foundation– The reason I love this foundation is that it gives a light to medium coverage and leaves a perfect finish. Not too matte, not to “cakey”. I use this and then follow with the Bobbi Brown finishing power in “Soft Honey”. 

2. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder– This is really great on days where I want to contour my face and give it a little bit of definition! It IS FANTASTIC, even my sister loves it. I only use this when I REALLY want to go all out with my makeup that day. 

3. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact (Bronze)– THIS IS AMAZING!!! I have used a few highlighters before, but NONE of them compare to this amazing find. This gives my cheeks that extra lighlight and sparkle every time I turn my face toward the light/sun. (I LOVE!!).


Now, as much as I am a Bobbi Brown kind of girl, I do however think that MAC cosmetics has, HANDS DOWN the best Lipsticks. ❤ 🙂 

The ones pictured are some of my favourite for Autumn/ Winter:


Of course when applying makeup, the removal of it is also an important routine.
Cleansing your skin and showing it some love, can help your drastically from getting all sorts of breakouts and skin blemishes, that can be caused by not removing your makeup.
My favourite cleansing oil for makeup removing my makeup is this:
  •  The Body Shop’s Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil– This oil is great for removing all of the makeup and very sensitive on the skin too. 

If I don’t use that, I opt for the

After having washed and cleansed the face, I follow with the 

Now lets be honest ladies, with age, comes the horrible eye “rings” that develop around your eyes, due to fatigue, age, stress, whatever it may be. To combat this, I use The Body Shop’s :

Vitamin E Eye Cream– combats puffy eyes, dark spots and wrinkles. OR

Vitamin E Eye Cube– which cools the eyes, and refreshes them throughout the day. (This is GREAT to carry around in your bag!). 

Thats IT from me for this months BACK TO BEAUTY!!! 
Try them out, let me know what you think! If you have, do you like them?! 

Live in Light and Love ❤ 


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