TOXIC Friendships… The BAD "Friend".

Hello everyone! 
I know I’ve been gone for a while, but you know how it is, life happens, and in the interim i have been having many conversations with a friend of mine about…


Now lets be honest, we ALL have, at SOME point, been exposed to some sort of a toxic friendship. The issue is however, that its difficult to acknowledge and accept that, that kind of friendship does more harm than good. (Be honest, in the back of your mind you know that, that friendship isn’t making you grow in any way, instead all it does is drain you, and leave you feeling horrible. 


Here’s a good depiction in an illustration that highlighted some of the points I wrote down when I was about to write this blog post….


  • Insulting- Now, we all know that at some point you had a friend that would always say mean things: ‘Girl, your bum looks fat in those jeans’ OR ‘oh my gosh your makeup! are you sure its not too much or are you going for the HALLOWEEN look?’ A real friend will not talk to you this way, instead they find a more cushioned way of saying something negative, to HELP you without trying to hurt your feelings. 

  • Unsupportive– Yep, that friend who never has anything nice to say about your achievements, or encourages you to follow your dreams, instead they continuously say negative things to discourage and disappoint you. GET RID OF THEM.

  • Envious and/or Possessive- Ever had that friend? Who envies you at everything?? Envies the clothes you have, your boyfriend, your success, your shoes, ANYTHING. You can tell just by looking at them, they may pretend to be happy for you, but you KNOW they aren’t. Or the friend that is so possessive that that want you to themselves ALL THE TIME and get jealous/angry when you spend time with other people? GET RID OF THEM.

  • Manipulative- The friend that never forgets to make you feel bad if you don’t do something that will make THEM happy, whether it makes YOU happy for not. GET RID OF THEM.

  • Selfish- Now this is a very common trait. You know, that friend who makes it ALL about them. Everything needs to be about them, in fact they get angry if you mention a shred of detail about YOUR life and are quick to make the focus about them and their dramatic lifestyles. GET RID OF THEM.

  • Immoral- The friend that does horrible things and doesn’t care about it. (I choose not to elaborate, lol, YOU KNOW what they do!) GET RID OF THEM.

  • Insincere- That friend who pretends to bet grateful for you or what you do for the sake of the friendship, but deep down really couldn’t be bothered. GET RID OF THEM.

  • Unavailable- Oh we have these. The friend that you call wanting to spend time with them, but they are NEVER available to do just that. GET RID OF THEM.

  • Inconsiderate- The friend that doesn’t take what you want into consideration. The friend that doesn’t understand that you may not want to spend time with them, that sometimes you just want to be alone, or with family. The friend that doesn’t understand that you too are an individual with your own private life to live. GET RID OF THEM.

  • Bad Influence- You know at some point you may have had the friend that coaxed you into drinking, smoking, sneaking out of the house, carry a gun, whatever. This person doesn’t have your best interests at heart. GET RID OF THEM.


Your FRIENDS should be the people you surround yourself with that make you a BETTER version of yourself… 

They Lift you up..
They support you…
They are honest with you… 
They respect you and your need for privacy to live your life…

Get RID OF THEM, and never look back. 

It may be difficult, but not as difficult as being around someone who constantly puts you down, makes you feel that you owe them something. 
THAT ISN’T A REAL FRIEND. Rather have 2 GREAT FRIENDS than 20 “friends” who secretly hate you. 

Be careful who you surround yourself with, it speaks VOLUMES about who YOU ARE. 


Live in Light and Love ❤ 



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