The Food Cafe!! For The Love of Food: May Edition

The Food Cafe!!! May Edition

For the Love of Food!! 
Hello dearest friends, I know it has been a while, but its been a crazy past week! 

This post is exactly 9 days late, lol, but its always great to put up some snaps of the food I or my friends/family had during the course of the month of May! 

Again I warn, IF YOU DO NOT LOVE GOOD FOOD, this post is NOT FOR YOU! 😉

 The fist place we went to was a Cafe close to where I stay with my family on a sunday afternoon, and I really had a good craving for a cheese burger. 

Cafe Rossini Cheese Burger:


It was ok, but I have definitely had better.

Dad decided on the Creamy Chicken pasta, and this was a total HIT with us… very tasty, creamy and thee pasta wasn’t too soft, it was prepared just right and superbly PERFECT. 4/5.

The next place we visited was a ‘usual’ for my family, purely because its a great stop off for some tea/coffee and something nice and light to eat. 

Vovo Telo

Offers some of the best croissants I have EVER tasted! I was lucky that day, I arrived shortly after they had taken them out of the oven…
I loved these! 4/5

Now, how does one pass up a DELICIOUS burger from one of the BEST Burger joints in town?? 
You just DON’T!!! 

A week ago, I went out for lunch, and met a friend at Rocomamas!
Now this place has the BEST smash burgers, you just cant pass up! You create your own burger (add in whichever ingredients you choose), and you EAT to your hearts content! This was a definite 5/5 for me…

On Mothers Day we treated our Step Mom to a great lunch at one of our favourite Italian places as a family: Allora.

Pasta and Wine was the obvious choice of the day, and I went for what I always get when I am there “Al Filetto e Funghi” which is always a hit with me, beef strips in cream sauce with your choice of pasta… AMAZING! 5/5


Lastly, a drink that I need to add on to this Edition of Food Cafe,
Seattle Coffee Company’s : Iced Coffee !! ❤ 
This drink normally keeps me company while shopping, walking around a mall, or browsing through books at a book shop, anything. It never disappoints! 4/5

That’s it!!! 
Til next month!

Live in Light and Love ❤ 


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