Back to Beauty: The Beauty Basics!

Great skin, often gets many stares and often very good compliments…
Something like:
“Your skin looks so good, what do you use?”
“Your skin looks really healthy, what do you use?
“Your skin looks good…”

What I am always asked however is:

“What do you use??”

Often a lot of the time, I hardly change my skin regimen, UNLESS, i can tell my skin is used to the products I’m using, and tend to switch it up a notch. 

This doesn’t happen often though…

My opinion of good skincare, is:

1. Finding the perfect skincare products for YOUR skin type.
2. CONSISTENCY- use the products religiously, for 2-3 months
(we often get lazy, and want to see immediate results. It doesn’t necessarily work that way. CONSISTENCY is key…)

Honestly, once achieving this: your skin will thank you, and you will see the results!


I am a religious user of Clarins products. They just WORK for me, I started on them early last year and haven’t looked back..

And my skin THANKS me for it… ❤ 

From the Left to the right:
I can literally swear by these products, that are THAT good. 

Try them, you might just find a gem. 

Live in Light and Love ❤ 


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