Skin Bleaching… The Desire to be "Light"…

The Desire to be “Light”…

Hello Young World!!!
Yes, I know i have been gone for a while, but I was a little under the weather, and had an injury to take care of, so it put me out of action for the longest time!!! 

I am however BACK, and missed blogging, been thinking about it, and honestly, most times when I come back to it, it is usually due to a topic I find I have to say something about! 

 And indeed there is one today… 


Now, as a black woman, skin bleaching is something I have heard quite a lot about over the last year or two, solely because it is seemingly done by black women all over the world..

And always, I ask myself WHY?
Before I get into it, maybe some images will bring it into perspective… 

Are we maybe on the same page now?  It has become a growing multi million dollar empire of skin bleaching products on the market that seem to lighten the colour of ones skin. 

Again, I ask myself why? 

Has the desire of women to become beautiful become so warped that they believe that the only way to be beautiful is to have a lighter complexion??
In my country, the desire to be lighter in complexion wasn’t as big as I thought it was. 
It seems I was wrong. 

The term used for light skinned black women in South Africa is 
“yellow bone”

Even with that having been said, one must wonder what are the stereotypes associated with being “light skinned” that so many women gravitate towards bleaching their skin in the aims to be lighter…?
  • Lighter skin makes you more attractive
  • Lighter skinned women have better opportunities to obtain jobs
  • Being told that light skin is better than dark skin
  • Taking a neutral stance on the fact that colourism exists

Since when???

Funny enough I am familiar with some of these products, having seen them in shops and such, but never thought that was their purpose…

Is there such a high level of insecurity to be happy in the skin you were born with that people choose to lighten their skin?

I think some form of education must be implemented when children are young, about appreciating the skin that they are in, the skin they we born with. 

Is “fair” beautiful? 
If so, who has the power to decide this??

Why is is suddenly wrong to love your dark skin?


Are these two women not gorgeous?

This highlights a growing and seriously worrying trend that society has built a world where fair skinned women are seen as beautiful, and dark skinned women are not… 

I hate to see what this industry is going to do for the future generations coming after us…

Love the skin you are in…

Live in Light and Love ❤ 


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