Gone With the Wind- Time Travel…

Time Travel….

Hello 🙂

So I thought I would also add a few installments here and there on my blog, of some of the places I have traveled. I love to go on trips away, gives me a chance to see some new places, different cultures… or sometimes, its just going away nearby for a weekend, just get away, and relax and clear my head.

Although I don”t get a chance to go away as often as I want to, I always make sure to take snippets of the places I visit as a way of preserving treasure memories forever… ❤

Christian Anderson said:

I have been to a few memorable places, and went away again just last weekend, but in this series of blog posts, I will be “travelling back in time” to show you some of the most memorable trips I have taken with family or friends.

The first trip that always brings back some fond memories is our trip to Mauritius some 3 years ago… ❤

This was the first time in which I had seen such a beautiful place, the beaches are EXACTLY what they say in all the books and reviews on Mauritius.

…crystal blue water, white sandy beaches…

We stayed at the beautiful Le Victoria Hotel a few minutes from Grand Bay which is one of the big towns North of the country. 


                                  The Hotel was BEAUTIFUL, and the weather was EXTRA friendly… every single day…!! 

Many of our days were spent at the beach with the family, taking in some sun, and sipping on cocktails..

 Also walks around the hotel, to neighbouring restaurants was a common occurrence… 


The Sunsets…. ❤ ❤ 

Nothing beats breathtaking sunsets seated at the beach EVERY evening, sipping on a cocktail and taking the beautiful scenery.

Trips into the old Grand Baie (or Grand Bay), were also memorable ones… We indulged in the local food, and took walks around the town and bought some souvenirs back for family…


All in all, it was 10 days of beautiful moments and memories!!! ❤ 
Beautiful Mauritius… 

As we travel back in time… ❤ 
Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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2 thoughts on “Gone With the Wind- Time Travel…

  1. Pretty!! Mauritius is really beautiful. 🙂 🙂
    I always have believed that travelling changes one as a person. The change is very positive. Travel does the heart a lot good and makes one feel richer.
    Wonderful Memories.. hope they always make you smile. 🙂


    1. It really is! I enjoyed it thoroughly. I was there for 9 days, and taking in the sights, sounds and the culture is such a refreshing change from what you already know… I really do love to travel 🙂

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