Reflection Sundays- Mother’s Day

Its a special day today isn’t it?

A I write this post, not only to a acknowledge that it has been a beautiful day, but also that I haven’t written a reflection sundays post in quite a long time … apologies.

Indeed however, it is a fitting time to write this post as we give credit to all the special mothers out there 🙂

Isn’t this the truth though? How can one even describe the power and the LOVE of a mother to her child?
It’s unexplainable  isn’t it? Its a powerful  emotion… 
My mother decided to be my angel in 2010 when God decided it was time for HER to be with HIM, and as painful an experience as that was to my sister and I, she lives in US everyday, and days like this only make us miss her more, and wish that she was around… 
Words synonymous with mother for me: 
  • Friend 
  • Comforter
  • Protector
  • Queen
  • Light
  • First Love
  • Angel

We were out for lunch today with the family to celebrate mother’s day, when I came across this beautiful quote by Rudyard Kipling that says: 

“God found not be everywhere, therefore he made mothers”

This description could not be more fitting to all the wonderful mothers out there…

We THANK YOU, we SALUTE you, and we LOVE you…

Happy Mother’s Day to all our beautiful Queens…

Live in Light and Love ❤


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