The Search for "You…"

The search for YOU… Self Identity. 

How do we know when we have reached the point where we are comfortable with our self identity? 
The place, where we KNOW who we are? 
At the end of the journey towards discovering OURSELVES? 

How do we know once we get there? Will we have some sort of indication that we are there? 
That we now officially KNOW?

The journey towards self identity is often a long one… (for MOST people!).
Often, we lose ourselves in the game of life, where we look towards others for finding some sense of identity within ourselves. 

  • We emulate certain styles from people we see…
  • We lose ourselves in trying to impress others 
  • We follow “trends” because, we its “trend” and it “looks cool” so we follow it…
  • We do things we may not really be comfortable with, but do it anyway because its what EVERYONE is doing…

At which point is this recognizing who we are, and what WE want? 

How is trying to impress people, giving them access to the best version of you? 

Is this a display of who you truly are? 

And given you are behaving this way, can you say that you are being the best version of YOU? That this is really who YOU are?

What is Self Identity? 

If someone had to ask you to define it, what would you say? 

For me, it is a point in your life where you have reached the epitome of knowing who you are and accepting that person. Where you need no validation from anyone to make you feel that you are supposed to be that person. 

Once you reach that place of self-knowledge you:
  • know what you want
  • you know how you react to certain situations
  • you are comfortable in your skin, in your beliefs and values

you grow into the best version of yourself.

Hence why it is said that it is a life long journey towards self love and self discovery. 

But once you have it… 

you have a solid foundation of who you are and what makes you happy and that provides the perfect platform for lifelong growth… 

It takes time… but eventually everyone finds themselves. You will too.  

Live in Light and Love ❤ 


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