As My Pen Dances on Paper- POETRY Corner

We are stripped.
Of all we know, all we are, who we claim to be.
In the twisted scheme of things, we have lost all sense of rationality.
We are stripped.
Of freedom, identity,
Our reality or rather, the sense thereof…
We have lost the internal battle, we have been fed to the wolves.
We fail to acknowledge freedom, liberty, and remember self-determination…
We are stripped.

Drowning in a world that has been created.
Clothed in a veil that says you are free to be “you”.
We stand, lie, enclosed in the little concave we call “our world”.
We are stripped.
Of voice, word, breath….
In the FUCKED UP scheme of things, we have lost all sense of reality…
The flame burns,
Enriching our sense of belief, that all may change.
We have been stripped.
We live in fear, in strain, animosity, LIMBO…
We are FUCKEN stripped.
And only YOU can be the voice, that uncovers the veil,
And makes us shine again.

Live in Light and Love ❤ 


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Lifetime Friend <3 Lover of Love.... No Bullshitter, God's Child, Lifestyle Blogger DrEaM, CrEaTe, AcHeIvE, INSPIRE!!!

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