The Food Cafe!! For the Love of Food :APRIL

So as one of the installments of the montly blog posts that I will be having on my blog, I decided to introduce:

The Food Cafe!! ❤ 

This I did specifically because I am a food lover (guilty), and 
i love trying out new places to eat and indulge, along with family and friends. 

  • This is how it will work- there will be one post per month of the different food places I visited over that month and a brief description of what I had while i was there (if i remember! LOL).

WARNING: If you do not love food, be sure to close this blog post NOW!!! 

Because this is the first post of the Food Cafe, there will be a lot more food pictures, as they have been taken over the last few months, at some of the food places that I visited… 

For the love ❤ of FOOD…

The first place that I visited around the months back was this quaint neighbourhood Cafe in Edevnvale, Johanessburg, that is joined to a little ART studio that sells Home Decor. I saw this well done landscape work of an olden style tub, with flowers growing from inside it…. Had to take a SNAP. 

Across from the Art Studio along the pathway was this cute Cafe called the “Red Door” cafe where we popped in for lunch and I had one of the BEST fish n chips dishes in Joburg. ❤ This was a love… 

The olden style and rustic tables and furniture, gave a really laid back, relaxed feel to the place. This was a great lunch… 
I’d say a 4/5.

 Shortly after that… few weeks later, my sister and I went shopping in Sandton City, where we popped into the Doppio Zero Restaurant and I have so BANGIN Tapas meals!

AAAhhhhh Yes, this was a GOOD Afternoon filled with good cocktails and delicious lunch…

I had some mussels in a white wine sauce, fried halloumi, and prawns…. 
Aaaahhhh yes ❤

I’d say: A 4/5.

Left with FULL bellies that day….


On one weekday, (I honestly dont remember when), I stepped out for my lunch break and went to another great breakfast/lunch place down the road from where I work and had a sit down lunch, which I normally DON’t do… But I did on that day…

Vovo Telo

I didnt know what to drink, and the waitress suggested I try the Toni Glass Ice Tea in Kiwi Cucumber and Mint. 

AWWWW!!! Til today, I haven’t tasted a better Ice Tea! This was a ❤ !!!

For Lunch I went for the grilled Caprese Salad!!! Yum YUM… This I could confidently say 5/5!!!!

 This place I remember having spoken about previously in my blog.

This is a neighbourhood restaurant just down the road from where my family lives, and serves the BEST neighbourhood, mom made it, “soul food” kind of food on the menu.

I say this because after eating there, you honestly leave the place with the BIGGEST grin on your face! Its ridiculous!!! ❤

This is Lua Baker’s Cafe-and that morning was one of a great fruit salad breakfast and some plain greek youghurt and muesli… This was enjoyable. I’d say – 3/5
Ok, so we are tea lovers at home, and a few weeks ago I was with my family doing some shopping and of course after a good few hours shopping, we HAD to take a moment out and have some TEA… I went for the Tea, Scone and preservatives at the Woolworths Cafe, and it was a good break after a long day... I’d say 3/5. (Frankly, I’ve had MUCH better scones in the Cape somewhere!) 
Lastly will be some random pics of the other places i went to over the last few months, where I had good/great food!!! Til the next blog post in the Food Cafe…

“People who love to eat are always the BEST people!”- Julia Child

NewsCafe Sweet Chilli Halloumi and Corn Dogs 4/5!

 Kir Royal Cocktail- Grand Central

Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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