Holding Your Own…

I was moments away from writing a Beauty Basics post, when I looked through my Instagram timeline and came across this post by one of my friends Lesedi. 

Have a look at this post before reading the rest of this. Done? Good.
Now you tell me how insanely true this post is. 

It is very unfortunate that in today’s times, a woman “making a mark” in her life, almost always has a man attached to it in some ways or other… 

I mean- correct me if I am wrong, but women have adopted this mentality of looking for a wealthy man, and doing everything in her power to ensure that she finds one so that she is “kept”. Isn’t that the word? “Kept”???


Where has the mentality of DOING IT YOURSELF gone?? 

Whatever happened to being a proud woman who doesn’t NEED a man to buy herself a Chanel bag? Or the kind of woman who doesn’t need a man to buy herself the car SHE wants? 

what is so satisfying about taking credit for something that was done by someone else? 
look, of course there is nothing wrong with a man buying is woman some beautiful things (IN FACT WE ENCOURAGE IT!!! LOL), but, isn’t it also nicer to be able to do it yourself should that man no longer be around? 



Oh, we see them all the time! 
On Instagram, posting pictures of cars men have bought them, of riding in her mans car, travelling at the world at another’s expense, beautiful expensive bags at the cost of another. 

AGAIN, I add, NOTHING wrong with that. More ESPECIALLY if that man is your husband!!

But where has the mentality of wanting to do it yourself gone

What makes you, as a WOMAN PROUD of everything done FOR you? What happens when that man walks away? 

NOTHING is more EMPOWERING  and motivating than seeing a woman who can do it all herself, without the assistance of a man. At the end of the  day, knowing that she can rely on herself, to get herself to the place she WANTS to be…

It’s a Beautiful Thing. ❤ 

Here’s a little motivation… 

We are STRONG enough to do it ourselves.
We are INTELLIGENT enough to handle it alone. 
We are SMART enough to make our dreams come true… 
 Challenge yourself! WHY NOT?!?!? 🙂



Lesedi, this one is for you!!! ❤ 🙂 
Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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