About the "GentleOrchid"… Why the Blog…?

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Hello Hello!! ❤

I took a little over a week away from my blog, not really knowing what I was going to put in my next installment. 
Over the last few days, i must admit that I have been feeling a little uninspired, not motivated… and it made me think, how do I write a motivational piece of writing if I myself am I not in the best of spirits? 
So I chose not to write….

In the interim period, I have noticed that people read my blog, but since the conception of “GentleOrchid” I haven’t written anything about myself, so that people who read my blog posts can have some sort of idea what this blog is about, and the person behind each and every blog post…. 

So I decided that maybe this is a good time to tell you a little about me, and what this blog will concentrate on, in terms of giving you a little insight in the world of ME… 

A Little About Me.. 


Write. Live. Travel. Love. Beauty. Inspire. Build. Growth. Motivate…..

  • My name is Katleho. 
  • I am 27,  from Johannesburg, South Africa, and this place has been home from the moment I came into the world… 
  • I am a Project Manager by profession, but this blog however has nothing to do with my career!!! 🙂 
  • This is a strictly LIFESTYLE blog of the things I have a passion for, OUTSIDE of my work 🙂 

I love to write- poetry, prose… even just as a way to clear my thoughts, my mind, my mental space.. 
Reading is also a big love…

  • Grew up the biggest tom boy. Never bothered about make-up, fancy girl clothing, heels, frankly, I never bothered to go out of my way to LOOK like a girl, lol. I lived in my sneakers, and sweat pants/jeans and sweaters. – Now, I’m beginning to see that my love for clothes, shoes, make-up is all because I was such a LATE bloomer to the wonderful things the world of fashion and cosmetics has to offer.!!! 🙂


  • Travelling is also another one of my special loves. Seeing new places, travelling with friends, family, always remains one of the most precious  moments and memories that I hold close to my heart. 

  • Foodie!!! I mean who doesn’t love food? I enjoy going to different places which serve a variety of foods. Also small cafes, unknown cafes also provide that hidden sense of great food that one doesnt find at chain resturants..

 The Palace of the Lost City

More than anything… 
“GentleOrchid” is a place where I give a little insight into my life, while providing words of encouragement and motivation when needed! 
Do follow, if any of what you have read has interested you, and there will be more to follow!!!

Weekly and Monthly REGULAR features on the Blog:

  • Reflection Sundays (Weekly)
  • As My Pen dances on Paper: Poetry Corner – (Bi Weekly)
  • Back to Beauty: “Beauty Basics” (Monthly)
  • The Food Cafe (Monthly)

I hope this gives you a little insight to the “GentleOrchid” and do follow if you like what you see… 

Til the next blog, 

Live in Light and Love ❤ 


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Lifetime Friend <3 Lover of Love.... No Bullshitter, God's Child, Lifestyle Blogger DrEaM, CrEaTe, AcHeIvE, INSPIRE!!!

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