Know Your Self Worth…

What are some of the things that make us question or self worth?
How do we determine our self worth?
How do you know whether your self worth is high? Or low for that matter?

Over the last few days, I’ve had some rather interesting conversations with some close people in my life, that made me realise that in SO many ways, our self worth gets tested on a daily basis, and through various platforms in our life.

Why do we feel the need to always compromise our self worth? 
We are at fault here. 
Why do we give people so much power over us that they control our lows, and highs, and in between?
That having been said, if that is the case, do we REALLY know our self worth?
Realising that you ARE worthy, takes out any form of letting another person DEFINE your Happiness! 
Should YOU not be in control of what makes you happy, and what you will ALLOW to make you sad? 
Look, we are not robots, we human. 
To feel pain, stress, happiness, love, hurt… even for a moment
 But we also have the POWER to not let any of that change us. Or destroy us. 
Your self worth is acknowledging that your VALUE and what YOU bring to the table, does not diminish because “someone” doesn’t see and acknowledge your worth. 
If you are a woman and someone makes a comment about your weight… If this affects you, and you wish you were smaller… WHY?!?!?!? Does your self worth not say : “But I love myself so screw them”.
If your man or woman ill treats you, abuses you, doesn’t appreciate you, does your self worth not say: 
“But I know I’m enough, I am a good person, I deserve better than this”.
If you are in a job that doesn’t pay you what you deserve based on the amout of work that you do, productivity and time you put in. Does your self worth not say: “But I’m better than this: I put in too many hours, graduated top of my class, put my everything into my job. I’m better than this”
Knowing your self worth, means not giving anyone the power to walk over you like some doormat. 
Knowing your self worth means acknowledging that you DESERVE better, especially when you REALLY unequivocally do. 
Remember WHY you are here, and what YOUR purpose in life is. 
Give NO ONE the power to let you question that. 
Give NO ONE the power to control what you feel, what you want, and what you DESERVE.

You are a beautiful work of art in progress… be kind to yourself, and remember what you want, and need… Let no one take that from you. 
Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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