People Pleaser????

(Side Note)- I know. I’ve been gone for a minute, and life happens in the interim, but I somehow felt strangely compelled to write this post and thought I need to pay my blog a visit.

For the longest time, I remember being such a people pleaser. I remember my constant, what and sometimes NEED to keep people happy, because I felt that if THEY are happy, then I’M HAPPY, and the bonus is, that THEY will like me…

I never understood my need to be validated by someone that much… 
I read this toon and couldn’t help laughing of course, but it’s actually quite a sad cartoon truthfully. 
Why are there people who constantly feel the NEED to please another person, irrespective of how they are impacted by whatever is happening…? 

Trying to please people ALL THE TIME, constantly leaves YOU feeling drained, tired. 
Ask yourself this:
How is this people pleasing beneficial to you? 
How does it make you feel? 
Is it worth it? 
What does THAT person do to make YOU happy? 
Are THEY worth it? 

More importantly… 
What is wrong with saying NO??? 

Here comes REAL TALK:

You CAN’T please everyone!!!! This is the TRUTH. 
People are NEVER EVER satisfied, and content with you TRYING. 
The worst part is that even if you try, they will never be happy, and will always continue to run their mouths regarding you and your life…
What is beneficial to you here? 
What happiness is there in life if you are constantly worried over WHAT SOMEONE WILL THINK, OR SAY??? 
Are you not in control of your own life, that you constantly feel that you need to behave yourself because you are afraid of how you will be perceived? REALLY??? 

Take back your life…

Doing this for yourself, will lighten the load so much more, and will also begin to realise the beauty of living for making YOURSELF happy. 
Your life cannot be put on hold because you need to make another person happy, and only THEN will you make you happy??? Nonsense. 
Live your life. If they talk, let them. Clearly their boring lives need some entertainment, let them talk about you! That’s the ONLY people pleasing that’s allowed. 
Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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