Reflection Sundays- Love Yourself… "You Are Enough"

Often, I don’t really like to talk about relationships, or discuss them for that matter, but I do realise that a relationship is made out of two souls that have been brought together by one common bond…


In the same breath, I often realise (and I’m guilty of having done this myself), that we tend to focus so much on our partner, and the one that we love, that we forget about ourselves. 

We worry… about them.
We stress…. about them.
We don’t want to hurt… them.
We consider… them. 

When do you start thinking about you? Considering you? Taking into account that they may hurt YOU??
Hardly ever. 

I read this quote the other day:
The truth in this statement runs so deep. If you can master the art of loving yourself, purely and without conviction, for all your flaws (and then some)…
can you TRULY master the art of loving another.

Often, people are afraid to be alone, always constantly needing the feeling of “being loved”. 
The feeling of being validated. 
The feeling of security. 
The feeling of wanting to know that you are another’s “person”.

Do we not love ourselves that much, that we would give someone THAT much power over us?? 
Why are we NOT enough? Actually…
Why do we FEEL that we are not enough? 

Only through solitude and learning to discover who we are, what are purpose is life is, can we EVER truly open our hearts to loving another with the SAME respect. 
…can you realise that you don’t HAVE to be what you are not. 
You don’t HAVE to pretend. 
You don’t HAVE to put their emotions before yours. 
“Because you are ENOUGH. You are so enough it is unbelievable how enough you are!!”

She said it…! Once you don’t give people the power to hurt you- only then will you have tapped into realising what an AMAZING soul you are, and that you are…
Entirely… ENOUGH. ❤

The first step is: 
Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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