Quiet Time…

Sometimes a little quiet time is needed… No?

Some time to collect your thoughts, listen to what you need, to what your body needs… I take this time by just spending it with ME. Being by myself in my home with no tv, music or sounds to distract me from just…


As I sit here writing this blog, I’m listening to the silence that is overcoming me, and the only sound is the click of my fingers typing on this keyboard- that i don’t mind (lol)! 
A find that quiet time is so important… I mean reconnecting with yourself i find to be the most imperative accessory to staying you, being you without any allowance of outside interference.
I always work in this space because I find that it brings so much calmness, peace and QUIET. 
Just me and my thoughts and i wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Often the hustle and bustle of life doesn’t give us much time to actually be in our own space, and float in our own minds, make sense of who we are, and what our purpose in life is. 
I mean… everybody is here for a reason right?
As humans we have this innate want and sometimes NEED to be remembered in life. 
How will we tap into figuring that out if we have no space and time to review, reconnect and restore ourselves…
My 3 R’s….
Review- Look into ourselves, examine our lives and where we are going, and where we want to be. 

Reconnect- come back to realising WHY we are here,  and get back to knowing who we are and what we stand for. 

Restore- healing wounds, worries, stresses by being ourselves, do what we love to do, and being who we want to be, and in so doing..

we become the best version of ourselves. 

To quiet your mind and heart from everyday life, provides the key to channeling yourself to being the best person we can be. It surely must be a beautiful thing, as it creates a power no words, acts of hurt, can break. 
Still your mind. Restore your soul… and remember that, 
No one can be a better you, than YOU. 

Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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