Choose Happiness…

Back at it again…

Over the past week, I’ve had to digest a lot of negativity thrown my way. Its very difficult to make any sort of coherent sense of YOUR life, when you have people constantly breathing their negativity down your throat and into your life. At some point it got so difficult that spending time alone, brought some sense of relief from all the drama and the nonsense.

Quiet time was needed… 

Hiding away from the negative people was needed. 
People often forget that everyone goes through problems. 

I realised that it became so difficult to handle MY problems when I was busy occupying myself with other peoples’ problems. This becomes difficult when you are a person who constantly wants to help and offer a helping hand. 
This is good, but never fail to realise that negative people are often toxic, and they end up rubbing off their negative behaviour on YOU. 

You can’t expect to be happy if all you are constantly surrounded by is some form of negativity. 
Granted, sometimes complaining and throwing our toys out of the cot makes us feel better…
…but it can be also highly addictive. Think about it, people who are constantly negative, continue to REMAIN negative. It will be very rare for you to hear them saying anything of a positive nature. 
This is unhealthy. 

Detach. Let go…

Sometimes we need to remember to put ourselves, FIRST. 

 Realise that the negative people are fighting their OWN battle…
You do not have to fight it for them, you have your own battles to fight…

Remember you have to have a positive mindset and outlook in order to fight your own problems. You are not being selfish, you are loving yourself enough to REMEMBER that you come first. 
Only with a positive life, will you be able to…
…let positivity radiate THROUGH you, onto others. 

So in actual fact you are doing those very people, a favour and at the same time you are not forgetting about you!!! 
Let them fight their own battles. Be there as an ear, friend, confidant but NEVER take on their problems as your own. 
You have your own life to live…

Choose happiness. Choose YOU. 

Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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