Peace of Mind… Monday Motivational

What a crazy week it has been, and i know and acknowledge that I have been away for some time. Granted and completely apologize, but as you know, life happens and sometimes other things have to take a little bit of a “back seat”.

From the craziness of last week, I was sitting in my “special place” in my home yesterday, and thinking, I know I need to write a Sunday reflections piece, and I just couldn’t bring myself to opening my laptop and getting on with it.

Then it hit me, I was so relaxed, so content, and for the first time that week, I had the chance to sit back and just…

…take a moment. 

That room always provides me with the perfect sense of serenity and peace of mind, which it all honesty… is necessary for all of us. 


Peace of mind, brings a sense of calm to an otherwise, always busy schedule. People do this in very different ways. Some people still their mind by praying, meditating, going to a place of worship, reading, taking long drives, and long breaks. I do it, just by taking a moment and sitting in this room with a good book. No cellphone, no TV nothing distracting. 

A quote I love from Buddha says: 
“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without”. 

Only YOU can still your mind and relax yourself from the busy schedule that is your life. You have to. It a nutshell, it will stop you from going all sorts of crazy. It will create that equilibrium in your life where you will be able to BALANCE your life without it controlling YOU.
Get rid of all the things that stress you out, and bring unhappiness in your life. 
Its THESE things that…
…clog space in your mind, infesting it with too much junk.

Find your peace of mind, and know exactly what it is that you need to do to channel it. 
It could be the one thing that saves you from having your LIFE control..

A peaceful mind, radiates a peaceful heart, and creates an overall PEACEFUL life…

Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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