Never EVER be Apologetic..

I seem to have a major issue with this and for a large part of my life, I went through this, up until only a few years ago where I realised that..


A lot of the time, people will make you feel sh*t (pardon my french), for the live that you are living. 
For example: 
1. You are pretty, but you are a little on the chubby side (meaning you are not good enough).
2. The only reason you have that car, is because your husband bought it for you or your family is rich.
3. You are not really “working” if you work for a member of your family. 
4. You have a stack of money, but everyone knows that you’re family is suffering. 
5. You go around claiming you’re living a good life, but we all know that you are unhappy. 
People will say..
whatever it takes, to make you crack.
To make you feel bad about the life you are living. 

This is one of the worst ways to live when you know you are trying your best to make a name for yourself and people always find something, ANYTHING to make you feel terrible about the life you live, or the life you have been born into. 

People who have the time, to even TALK about your life, make judgements and comments on it, as if they are standing to win a large sum of money.. often make those comments because they on WISH to live the life you are currently living.
People will find fault…

You are not, however, and FORTUNATELY, living your life to make someone else happy are you? You are living it for YOU. 
So it doesn’t MATTER what they say…


Let them run their mouths, while you continue on your way to success, happiness and a good and happy life. 
They can’t WAIT for you to FALL.
Prove them wrong. 
Often, these snakes in the grass are people you are very familiar with. Family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, all sorts of people that know you WELL. 
NEVER, give them that satisfaction. Head down, ears to the ground and KEEP running towards your bright future. 

Don’t be shaken, do not be moved. Words are just words. Prove to them through your ACTIONS that you are better. 

and as Macphail says:
“LET THEM HOWL”!!!!!!!!!!!


Live in Light and Love ❤


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