As My Pen Dances Paper- Poetry Corner

How Do I Explain…

How do u explain it?

How do u explain the thoughts in your head that conflict with the feelings in your heart?

How do you explain realizing that the inevitable just might be settling in?

How do you explain that what you used to know, becomes the daily jigsaw puzzle u try to figure out?

How do you explain that the person you knew is not the one you know now?

How do you explain wen your confidant becomes a stranger you never knew?

How do you explain that u just, maybe JUST don’t know what u thought you were so sure about?

How do you explain your worry wen what you were SO SURE about, becomes an uncertainty?

How do you explain feeling that the love of your life wont commit to you?

How do you explain how u miss the feeling of pride, confidence, and utter security within your intimate space?

How do you explain the longing 4… Hmmm…

How do you explain the matters of the heart??

Ah yes… U don’t…
No answer to this equation, no light bulb moment, no EXPLANATION.

That, becomes the  ultimate explanation.

 There ARE NO EXPLANATIONS to the matters of the heart.

Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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