Reflection Sundays- Let Them Talk ..

It has indeed been a long week…

At the end of a long week, I sit in my home with a good cup of camomile tea as I think about how best I’m going to write this blog post for Reflection Sunday…

The one thing that I realised this week, is that people will always talk about you. People will always have something or other to say. It is in our nature as humans that we talk, and supposedly talking about someone else, other than themselves always seems “better”. More often than not, they are always saying negative things. Negative speech seems to be so much more “exciting”then something positive.

Isn’t this the truth though? People will always have something to say. Whether it be of your success, progression, because they see you happy etc. Why do people see the need to always say negative things to destroy a person’s character to someone else? 
People always  feel the innate need to TALK… 
Let them talk, because none of it has anything to do with you. 

You need to consider this: 
The very same people, that go around behind your back talking all the things they feel the need to say, it says a lot about them. It only means that there is some sort of complex within themselves, that is small and insignificant that they feel the need to degrade and belittle you… 
…again.. this has nothing to do with you! 

 Let them TALK. 
Do not belittle yourself and downgrade to throwing shade towards them. You are above them, in so many ways, that speaking about another in a negative manner doesn’t benefit you in any way, shape or form. 
Do you. Do whatever it takes that you maintain and keep your head held high and keep moving forward with your life. Words, have never killed anyone. 

Yes, they sting… but you know what ? Those words come out of THEIR mouths and not yours.
That alone makes you the better person. 
Keep to yourself, and eventually they will get tired of talking when they realise that you aren’t even bothered. 
Keep your head up.
Keep shining! 
Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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