Women vs Women: Why Do We Hate on Each Other?

Ever had a fellow female giving you a horrible look??
Maybe just because you are you? Or because you are beautiful? Or because you’re a powerful business woman? Or because you drive a better car?
Or because you simply look good in what you are wearing…?

Have you ever wondered why women always seem to give each other the coldest looks, and seem to throw so much “shade” towards one another?

Now… why do women hate one another so much? 
Is it jealousy? Is it trying to look better than the other woman? Is it pure hatred? Is it complex issues? 
Do women always feel that they have to compete for who has what that is better than the other?
Better Job? 
Better House? 
Better Man? 
Better Family? 

The question is WHY? 

Wouldn’t it make sense to you that women that are strong, powerful, well mannered and well learned are the women in the prime position to play the uplifting and motivational role to women that are up and coming? 
Wouldn’t that make sense, they because we are women we should be motivating/growing/assisting each other in being formidable women?
Not so? Trying to understand here.. 
The irony of this whole situation is that in most cases, often it is women who are already successful and doing well in their lives, that will throw the most shade at another woman. At the end of the day, a woman who is focused on running her own race, doesn’t have enough time at throwing shade at other women who are also on the up and up. 
Women UNDERSTAND one another very well, but hate one another at the same time, and usually over the most trivial things. 
Is it worth it? 
What are you gaining from throwing shade? 
Does it make YOU feel any better about your life by throwing shade at another?

For me, the only way in which something like this would make ANY sense to me, is that women that hate on one another often have something that’s “lacking” in her life. 
If shes hating on your…

…Beauty- shes insecure and unsure of hers
…Material things (cars/life/job)- Shes plainly jealous
…Confidence- she has a low self esteem of herself.

So don’t blame her. 
However she treats you has NOTHING to do with you. You can only laugh it off and let it slide, the issue here isn’t with you, it is with her. 


They can say what they want to say, and none of it, is ANY of your business. 
Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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