Side Note- I know I have been gone for a bit, but it has indeed been crazy this past week, life happens and things must be done. I went through something this morning, that sent a surge of emotions running through me, but the biggest one was disappointment. I felt compelled to write.

Far often, too many times we get into a phase where we tend to expect too much of a situation… Whether the situation be work related, romantic interest, sports, home life, family, whatever. We tend to expect much of a situation that when things do not turn out the way we want them to,

.we are disappointed.

This becomes the the equation that more than we expect, leads to disappointment..
Often it doesn’t take a stranger messing up for us to feel the sting of disappointment. Sometimes and really, most times, the bad, raw, unbearable sting of disappointment in us is often caused by the people we care about the most. 
The only way, is to…
…learn something from it.

The only challenge here is that when you are been disappointed various times by the people you love, you seem to fall into a place where you end up EXPECTING to be disappointed, because we have experienced it so many times yea? 
Now look at that equation again. Disappoint is expectation over reality, but you must consider that you must have hit a really bad place when being disappointed doesn’t surprise or hurt you anymore. My opinion of this, is not a “safe” place to be in. 
So yes, don’t expect too much, it limits your chances, but again don’t always EXPECT to be disappointed either. There must be something inside of you that makes you have a little bit of faith in people. 
Just a little bit of… faith.
Not everyone will disappoint you. Yes some people will, but NOT all of them. 
Being disappointed is a fact of life. Life would be a little bland if little things (obstacles/challenges) like this didn’t shake us up a little bit. Be disappointed, but don’t let it make you feel that every other situation you encounter will disappoint you.
Keep your head up. 
Don’t expect too much yet don’t let disappointment disable you. 
Have faith. 

Live in light and love ❤ 

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