Reflection Sundays- The Beauty of Letting Go…

Letting Go..

So this morning as I was thinking about what I’m going to write for this edition of “Reflection Sundays”, I looked back at the week Im just had and thought, I experienced 2 situations that had forced me to just LET IT GO….

I’m sure you have heard of the phrase:

“Let go and let God”. 

I was, in so many ways forced to just LET GO.
Letting go does not mean that you are giving up. Neither does it mean you necessarily WANT to let go, BUT, it means you love yourself enough to detach yourself from a situation that no longer serves you purposely in your life. You let go, because that situation or in some cases, that person, does not make you happy anymore. 
Sometimes its not even about something that should be making you happy. Maybe you are dealing with a rough patch at work, and it often causes you to be angry and pulls you into a dark place, finding yourself saying things you would normally NEVER say. Sometimes you need to give GOD, or whichever higher power you believe in, to take the drivers seat and let go of the situation. This doesn’t mean you’re running from it, it just means:
…you are taking a step back to re-evaluate the situation and present God the moment to show you a different perspective. Thus, giving you your answer.

What happens after you let go…? Thats anybody’s guess. The true strength of a persons character is actually LETTING go, and creating the room for change and growth to happen. 
Having faith, is that moment where anything CAN happen, but you hope and believe in what you do not know. You do not know what the future holds, but you live in the hope and belief that it will be a bright one. 
The Beauty about life is: 
Keep your head up. Do not fret. You were BORN to shine… ❤ 
Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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