#CoolKidsRead :)

One of my favourite past times, if I’m not blogging or writing, I read.
Often on my twitter timeline- I will put up a tweet and then say #CoolKidsREAD, lol.

It’s true though. Reading, for me, is the greatest form of escapism. I am transported away into another time, another place, and for that brief moment, I forget everything and everyone around me.

I’m always carrying a book in my handbag, because often I find myself reading in the strangest places. While waiting in the dentists office, waiting for my food at a restaurant, sitting in the car during my lunch break, etc. I always want to feel that I know I have my book if I want to “get away” without really being “away”. 🙂

People read different books by different authors ALL the time, for various reasons. Hence the different types of genres when it comes to books. Often, fiction works best for me, but the beauty that comes with reading is- the message that you take away after reading the book. Different people have different messages that they get from reading one particular book, but thats the amazing thing about being an INDIVIDUAL and taking away your own UNIQUE message from a book you have read.

Some of my favourite books recently:



Open yourself up to new worlds, new places. Travel, love, hate, be emotional, scared, curious!!!!!

Open Up a book, and read.
What Are YOU reading?



Live in Light and Love ❤

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