Happy Place… LUA

Everyone needs a happy place… YES?

People find their happy place in many different places, in many different things. They go to the beach, the spend time with family, friends. They travel the world, they see new things, they listen to music, relax and find their HAPPY PLACE…

A happy place is that place where you feel a particular sense of freedom, from the stresses of the world, the busy moments of everyday life, a place where you feel HAPPY. For me, its a little Cafe that my younger sister introduced me to called “Lua”…

Apart from the WONDERFUL food that they serve (I mean of course!!) it just has that neighbourhood feeling, and vibe. We normally get there, sit in the garden and watch people from all different walks of life, come in and out. Business people, friends, young teens, families and such, coming to the quaint neighbourhood cafe with the most relaxing and refreshing and vintage look.

Coming there gives me enough time to write, and think while sipping on a freshly squeezed juice, or the greatest Earl Grey Tea.


It doesn’t only have the greatest food, but they have the most quaint beautiful environment that provides the perfect place to relax and collect your thoughts while having the GREATEST food, and making memories through beautiful conversations. LUA does it for me. ❤ Thanks to my sister helping me find this beautiful oasis.

What is your happy place?
If you have it, NEVER let it go!

Live in Light and Love ❤

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