Society’s Version of "Perfect"

The sad part of living in this moment, this time, this “NOW”.

I got to thinking when I was looking at this picture last night, on how society has placed so much pressure on women to be “perfect”. Perception is reality in this instance isn’t it? But if we think about it, my version of “perfect”, might not be yours. Yes? 
Society as placed so much pressure on women to behave, look, and dress a particular way in order for them to “fit in” and if you do not conform to these twisted “norms” then you are looked upon as weird, and as an outcast who is out-of-place with the ways of the world… 
Cosmetic companies have placed so much emphasis on 
this…. being “beauty”. So a woman has to be a certain height, weight, and have long flowy locks and the perfect teeth, to be seen as the ideal, “perfect” woman of our time. Really? 
Is this not beauty…



Are these woman Not beautiful??? Again, who dictates, or rather, has the right to determine what constitutes as beautiful or not??

It is THESE very obscured and distorted ideals of what is seen as “beautiful” and “acceptable” to society, that makes women go crazy over buying products to lighten their skin, make-up to doll their face, and at times completely cover up what they ACTUALLY look like… These conditioned norms of how women should look are the very same catalysts behind WHY women are killing themsleves at the gym, just trying to fit into a size 8-10, why women are depriving themselves of nutrition, and food… and more importantly, why most woman have such a LOW SELF ESTEEM towards themselves.

Why are freckles not seen as beautiful?
Why are thick woman not seen as beautiful?
Why is a woman without makeup not getting as much attention as a woman who does?
Why is Afro natural hair not seen as beautiful as compared to a sleek weave?

Where do these standards come from? So when she completely changes herself and then asks

Who has the RIGHT to tell her “yes” or “no” for that matter…. 
I praise the woman who feels comfortable in her skin. I praise and commend the  woman who does not need anyone’s approval to feel beautiful just the way she looks. 
Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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