Reflection Sundays- Making Time For You

Far too often our lives become so busy, jam packed, always having something or other to do. Yes, indeed it is a part of life, but far too often we forget to take the moment and just RELAX…

Do the things you want to do, whenever YOU want to do them.
For a lot of people, its spending some time alone. Whether you are taking a long drive, going somewhere quiet to relax and read a book, take pictures, reconnect with YOU. No harm in doing that is there?

For many women, including myself, making time for me, often includes the sweet little indulgances that are present in my home… Taking a long hot bath on a sunday afternoon, reading a good book, and indulging in taking care of myself…

A long hot bath, a good read are just some of the few things I indulge in during “My Time”.
Treating yourself to some good alone time, doing the things that YOU want to do, isn’t really being selfish with your time… I mean, how can it be? You spend most of your week surrounded by people, doing something or other, that me time becomes an imperative moment where you can just take the moment to recollect, reflect, think and just return to being yourself. 
I mean, rather take these moments as moments to return to your sanity. So many things nowadays get us stressed out, depressed, worried, conflicted, emotional, under strain, that a moment to yourself becomes the catalyst to a new and fresh outlook on the next day, or rather the next step you want to take. 
Its absolutely imperative that you take some time to yourself. 
Make this a priority from now on. Try to have moments to yourself.
Pray, meditate, take long drives, go to the spa. Do whatever it takes to keep a part of you happy. In turn, that makes you a happier person too. 
Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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