The HAIR Debate…

(I put this post up on my Tumblr account some months ago, and I found myself discussing this issue once again with a friend a few days ago… So I thought I should REPOST it to my blogpost account).

The HAIR (or no hair) debate…

Part of me is simply getting tired of this debate between “Natural” and “Weave”…
Was stuck in yet ANOTHER fiery discussion with a friend yesterday on hair, and hair “defining” you as she claims. My viewpoint, hair in NO WAY, DEFINES you. Just because a woman is rocking her natural thick and bouncy (gorgeous I might add) hair, does in no way portray her to be this easy going, laid back beautiful woman because she has her hair that way. I SIMPLY, and irrevocably means she likes/loves her way in its natural state. Is there a crime??
Lol, and then the conversation took a more sinister turn when there was an attack on women who wear weaves…. From this viewpoint, not only was the hair attacked, but apparently opens a doorway to judge her character and personality as well….
Being a woman who wears weaves, you can imagine my temper was slowly rising… How is it that because she is wearing a weave, it automatically classifies her as fake in every aspect, for of herself, self absorbed/centered hoo hah bullshit?? So, because her hair isn’t “hers” (we can AGAIN debate this) , that means she is FAKE too. Yes, I wear themm and yes, i feel good in a weave… I feel good with my natural hair too. 
Can we simply comprehend something….
Not only are women judged EVERYDAY for simply just BEING A WOMAN, but now when women are “dogging” on each other because of “HAIR”, there is something seriously wrong with this picture. In which universe does the way you wear your hair reflect the type of person you are?? I am beyond shocked and horrified that women to women bashing is happening in this regard. Your hair is you CROWN… the way in which you wear it is ENTIRELY up to you…
WEAVE, CUT, NATURAL, DREADLOCKS, BRAIDS, SHORT, LONG, MOHAWK, Whatever, it by NO MEANS gives off the idea that you are a particular way.
Go jump to those that think women with weaves are fake, and go jump those that think women with no hair are “aggressive” or “rowdy”, fuck those that think women with dreads don’t bath, and fuck those that think women with natural hair seem to have it all going…
Your hair isn’t a reflection of YOU.
Your hair is your crown, merely an enhancement of the beauty that you are… 
Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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