Those days… BAD DAY- It’s only a bad DAY not a bad LIFE.

Something in me felt I needed to write this blog post because I’m having one of those days.
A BAD day.

You know… That kind of day where literally EVERYTHING goes wrong from the moment you open your eyes in the morning. Yea, one of those days.

This ends up being how I feel all day that day…
Normally I just don’t want to do anything, as do probably a lot of other people. 
It begins to feel like everything just becomes tedious. You encounter one problem, you attempt to fix it. You do, and then another pops up, and another and another and you just want that moment where you can just crawl away into a little corner, not be seen, and just disappear for a moment. 
Its difficult. Often the stresses of life tend to come down on you like a ton of bricks and you have to do everything in your power to maintain and keep your emotional composure, and try to handle all those things, without breaking down. 
It becomes work issues, personal problems, friendships, partnerships, everything just compounds and hits back all at once, and you are standing there on some: “WTF, could I have at LEAST gotten a warning, or even a notification on my phone that this was going to be a CRAPPY day?!?!” 
The sad thing is, when you are a strong person, who people come to for advise, and to share THEIR issues with you, it becomes very difficult to try and address them both, and often yours gets put on the back burner. You wonder to yourself, do people ever know that I go through problems too? I have off days too, where I worry about how I’m going to sort out MY problems? N then you realise, you’re standing alone in that corner. There is no one there that even KNOWS you are going through things, much less HELP you with them.
So you cry, you let it all out just so that you can feel the moment of sadness, and it feels like your tears comfort you, because they understand, they come FROM you. 
Then, thereafter you keep it moving, and you hope to God that you have a better day, and tomorrow shines even BRIGHTER. 
We are all human, and we have bad days, but that’s just it: 
You were destined for great things.
Keep your head up.
Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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