Reflection Sundays- Trust

On the daily interactions that we have with people, often, we neglect to appreciate how big an influence TRUST has on our daily interpersonal relationships.

Whether it be with friends, family, a lover or romantic interest, trust often forms the foundation about which the relationship is based.

As cliche as it may sound, trust is an incredibly fragile emotion/ emotive state. In many instances: trust essentially means valuing a person so much that you feel free to expose yourself and your life entirely to them, without fear of being judged, or having your issues “aired” out publicly for insensitive ears.

This is how it would be in a perfect world isn’t it? entrusting your friends/family/love interest with all of you and everything you are about, but often, it isn’t entirely as utopia as it my seem…

Trust is NEVER guaranteed. You can live in the hope that those you trust, can trust you back and respect you by adhering to the “rules” that come with TRUST.

When i think of it, as all bets on the table, and hoping and praying that you receive the winning hand. Often, it is not the case- trust is sometimes broken. Your friend can betray your trust so can a family member or lover.


Does this mean, we shut ourselves off to the beauty that comes with trusting someone? Feeling the comfort of being able speak freely without worrying where your information will end up? Does this mean, now you shut yourself off from any form of personal relationship, buy not allowing people to get too close?

How would you be living a full and happy life with the people around you if you don’t attempt to entrust them with your heart? Are you not depriving yourself of something here? 
The point is: No man is an island.. 
Sometimes you just have to take the leap of faith and hope for a winning hand. With everything else, you can just let it be what it is. Some people are meant to stay in your life for a lifetime, others are just seasonal.
Trust. It’s a liberating and beautiful feeling. If it broken, you move forward, and open your heart to trusting again. 
Better to trust, than not to trust at all. 
Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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