As My Pen Dances on Paper- POETRY Corner

Emotional Attack 

Things are never as they seem
Life, people, things….you and me.
Sucked into a vortex of euphoria, passion.
One I knew would never leave me standing….
Barrel of confusion,
Drenched in mis-understanding, mis-direction.
Knowing, not knowing.
Feeding improper thoughts to satisfy an already uncertain mind.
If you would only admit.
To me.
To you.
Societal norms, material standings
Prove to hold more weight, more emotionally demanding.

Pain and Passion.
Two elusive enemies.
Piercing words, prove one too many.
Reeling with delusion.
That I thought I knew you…Do i?

Flock, mock, attack my brain
Heavy thoughts of dis-satisfaction,
Only a fraction
Of whats inside.
Anger, Rage.
Protection to hate
The thought of words, expressed too late.
Lack of understanding, force of habit.

Will history repeat itself?

Live in Light and Love ❤


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