As My Pen Dances on Paper- POETRY CORNER

This Place…. Bleeds 

In the stillness of this place, my thoughts run free… 
In this place, darkness becomes the friend i once knew,
Love and hate throttle it out on a battlefield of memories- difficult to fade. 
In this place- the past seems 2 take me in like a drug that wont let go, leaving me a junkie, craving for more…
In the stillness of this place- i see Merlin, cast a spell of acceptance and peace, understanding- and tells me that all will be well.
In the stillness of this place- i feel my heart skip out of sync with its normal beat.
I, a product of love, have spawned hate within me, bringing darkness 2 the light that once made me.
In this place, i stand alone.
In this place- what i once knew, becomes the devil i cannot trust.
In this place, i cannot separate truth from lies, reality from fake existence…
In this place- i do not know who or what you have become.
In this place, thoughts play evasive games, alluding me from any possible solutions.
In this place, i run free, yet wild and dangerously.
In this place, i see you, me, us, THEM.
In this place, the sanctity of what i once knew is tarnished.
In this place- in inhale you, and exhale smoke…
Chunks of it, thick, heavy…
This place, reminds me of you…
This place- shows me what i cannot be, cannot become.
This place- is a figment of my imagination.
This place- is NOT real.
This place, is where i see it all.
In the stillness of this place, i see you 4 you. And me for me. Nowhere in that equation is there peace. But indefinite war….
This place- my heart.

Live in Light and Love ❤ 


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