Reflection Sundays- Patience

Often, sunday is the day I relax, “chill” and do what I want to do.
I treat myself to the indulges that women often do on sundays, take long baths, candles, spa masks, take that little extra long just to pamper myself because… ,well, because I CAN.

Another sweet indulgence is my books, going out for long drives, reading magazines and just catching up with the blog world. It’s always just such a BEAUTIFUL thing. 🙂 ❤

Often, when I’m blogging, or writing, the most amazing calm overcomes me, and I’m utterly and completely content, just for that moment, like, NOW as I write this. 
However, that is not the reason for this post. 
Sundays also offer a time in which one can relax, reflect and think back on the week ahead, I mean, your relaxing at home, with a moment to yourself, and you think about what you learnt this past week. 
My lesson: PATIENCE. 
I met up with a few friends yesterday for lunch and drinks and my one friend was telling me that I am quick to want things to happen, I want things to get “done” quickly and would rather do it, or push it myself if it doesn’t happen to my liking. I’m guilty and I’m sure many other people are. 
We need to learn how to be patient. It is often difficult and we get frustrated and restless, but what good does that do? Will things move any faster if you keep acting out with frustration and anger? 
Not really. Sometimes, its good to just take a moment, and tell yourself, if it doesn’t happen now, it will later… unfortunately we do not know how long from now LATER will be, but thats the test… challenging yourself to be still and patient. It’s tough, and often in meditation learning how to still yourself and your mind, takes a lot of PATIENCE- which many are not able to do…
Starting today, I think its good to just TRY. 

A happy Reflective Sunday to you 🙂

Live in Light and Love ❤


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