Music Oasis Life

Have you ever thought oh how life would be without music?? Is it even fathomable? I don’t think so. I cannot seem to picture how going through life would be as blissful if we did not have this beautiful form of escapism and art that is MUSIC.

Music paints colour to life. Makes us understand things just that little bit better, makes you cope a little better, transports you to an oasis of perfection.

Music is that eutopic nirvana… a beautiful thing ❤

Music touches a place where no words can ever go, its really a beautiful thing, that has the power to unite souls, and evoke the most intense emotions. A language that really doesn’t need to be understood. You listen, and MUSIC speaks to you in the most beautiful way…

The most amazing thing!!!

My sister Naledi and I have the most beautiful relationship especially when it comes to music… Often, when she discovers an artist I dont know, she’ll often tweet me the artists name, and I will immmediately know what to do, and its amazing as it builds this incredible connection on top of the sisterly bond, music brings us together because we love it. Speaks volumes, speaks beautiful emotion.

Some of my favourite artists:

Bilal Oliver ❤

“Little One”
“Queen Sanity”
“When Will You Call”

Jesse Boykins ❤

“Show Me Who you are”
“I wish”
“Live In Me”
“Create Beauty”

Awwwww! i LOVE this one!!!

Kwabs ❤ ❤ ❤ !!!!!!!

“Wrong or Right”
“Pray For Love”
“Last Stand”
Perfect Ruin”
“Spirit Fade”



Mali Music ❤

“Little Lady”
“Ready Aim”
“Deep Blood Red”
“Fight For You”

Me’Shell Ndegeocello

“Talk to Me”

Have a listen to a few!!! ❤

Live in Light and Love ❤


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